May 12, 2012

Spatiality Part 3

Finally, after a barrage of work, I have the possibility to do some own coding and make one more step toward finishing my next app.

So... were are we?

In part 2 I finally managed to export a shape file to Sql Server 2008, this time I plan to export that spatial data to my Azure SQL.

So what to do when you start with something you never done before?


My first finding was this link. Since I enjoy simplicity the Import and Export Wizard sounded perfect. I've used it countless times before and it has never failed me.

I follow the steps, opens up an ip address to azure and everything works brilliant until I get to the Review Data Type Mapping phase, when the wizard gives me something like this:

Reason? The Import and Export Wizard can't export spatial datatypes...

So time to google again!

This time I found the SQL Azure Migration Wizard.

This tool has a bit of crappy GUI (I use the 125% size on text and it doesn't handle it). But i transfers data using Bcp so I had least hope of getting it to work.

My first attempt crashed, another googling and I realized that I needed to upgrade my SQL Server to service pack 1.

I tried again and this time:

I ran  a query agains the table in SQL Server Management Studio and lo and behold, all is there!

Next up: exposing the data through an azure web service.

PS. If you like sharepoint follow this!

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