June 24, 2012

Windows Phone 8, will it finally make it?

I have been waiting for the version 8 of my favorite mobile OS and now when they showed it my feelings are a bit mixed. The main thing that stirs up my feelings is that you cannot upgrade a 7.5 telephone to Windows 8.
I didn't expect this from Microsoft. The early rumors where hinting that you would be able to upgrade your Lumia to the new OS. On the other hand, with a bit retrospective and with the talk of using parts of the Windows 8 kernel in the phones, I should have guessed.

This will on the other hand give me an edge in the ever ongoing "who has the coolest phone in the office"-competition, their Lumias will only make it to 7.8...

Every cloud has a silver lining...

So for the truly good news?

Version 8 finally gets a chance to compete with other smartphones when you just check the hardware specs.

It gets the multi-core processor, high resolution screens, true multitasking, integrated skype, offline maps.  The best and in my point of view, a critical must for the success of Windows on the phone is that it will share code with Windows 8. In effect this will mean that Microsoft is choosing one road for all its devices. It is Windows 8 from phone to Server. This also gives me confidence that Microsoft will not to as they do with Windows Phone 8 again, namely cut off their existing user base.
This seems like a long term strategic choice and even though it has a slightly bitter aftertaste it still is needed in the long run.

So will there be a long run?

I still believe that Windows 8 will make it. It simply has features that makes it so much more powerful than the iPad or the Android tablets. It is a real computer. And I believe that Windows 8 will be the beast that will pull the Windows phone.

I hope so.

Windows Phone 8 is just too sexy to disappear. Just look at those nice square things on the screen!

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