October 31, 2012

Windows Phone 8 SDK is out!

I really, really need a Windows 8 phone right now. It is the creeping uneasiness that only a gadget junkie can understand.

I also need a 3d-printer, some new Win8-tablets and a .Net Gadgeteer. I also need the time to play around with them. Hey, I hardly have time to blog these days.

Most of the positive talk regarding Windows Phone 8 has been about the shared core with Windows 8, that you finally can use it on decent hardware and that you now have THREE different sizes of tiles instead of  a meager two.

The negative talk touched the fact that those who bought 7.5 phones can forget the possibility to upgrade them to version 8.

They are dinosaurs, soon extinct.

The thing I find most interesting in 8 is something else, the Company Hub and the new ways of deploying apps for companies who don't want their apps to be hanging on the Marketplace.

For you that might not sound so impressive.

For me it means that I can finally have a slight hope of working with coding Windows Phone 8 apps to customers.

Windows Phone is a much more interesting alternative for enterprise customers than to end customers (read: releasing stuff on the marketplace) as long as the market shares are the way they are. (Why release an app to 1.7% of all smart phone users instead of 50%?)

So if some company wants to use a mobile as an internal tool, I believe Windows Phone 8 could be a strong competitor right away. And maybe, maybe that could give me the chance to start developing WP8-apps outside of my apartment.
After all, there is so much more time at work than home.

Oh yeah... If you would like to start coding you can find the SDK here!

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