June 3, 2013

Impressions from the keynote at Teched New Orleans 2013

It started with jazz...

...and continued with Brad Andersson driving an Aston Martin on stage.

Key areas


Microsoft are bringing in new tools to handle a company's devices with more control over personalization, policies and separating company data and company apps from personal stuff. It seems easy to register your own device for workplace security using two factor identification and the new concept of work folders mimics the folder replication of dropbox in a enterprise fashion.
The concept of just cleaning out the computer by leaving the workplace was quite impressive.


Azure gets cheaper and a new billing model. Now you won't have to pay for stopped virtual machines and the billing is per minute. The MSDN Azure licence seems changed with a free azure usage amount of 50, 100, 150$ for professional, premium and ultimate subscriptions respectively. There have been improvements on keeping check on how much money/time you've used up.

Visual Studio 2013 / TFS 2013

More focus on ALM which will be on a higher level than in VS 2012, so that you can have a hierarchical view going from department to projects, subprojects, features, tasks etc...
A new HUD-feature in VS2013 adds information about references, tests and source code changes on a method by method basis. It looked really useful.
VS load testing now got cloud support so you can run your existing load test through the cloud.
Microsoft has acquired Inrelease which will bring a workflow-view to deployment and releases handling stuff like approvals and configurations.
Team rooms introduces a new collaboration space in TFS giving project members easier access to what is happening in their project.

Big data

Sql Server 2014 and new additions to Excel gives new possibilities to explore big data.
The very, very impressive geoflow in Excel gives thematic 4d-mapping with drilldown capabilities. See it as google earth with graphs and a possibility to animate time series. Looks amazing. There is also a new data explorer in Excel.

Ps. Swedes were sending most attendants to New Orleans of all countries in Europe. Well done!

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