June 6, 2013

Teched day 3

A bit of an in-between day for me. Attended a few Windows Phone-lectures that didn't contain any news and went to a webapi/odata lecture that was a bit over my level. (did however make a note to self to learn more immediately)

The gem of the day was a lecture by Billy Hollis called Design or die about something that I've stubbornly been proclaiming the last few years. Applications today needs UI/UX design and those companies that wont provide this will slowly be put away from the face of the earth. You simply cannot have the usual design that programmers make (you know the ugly, cramped, hard to read, bad colour choices and no usability-style) alongside with the often fantastically looking apps in the app stores.

We have left the DOS-era and we have left the Windows XP-era... time to adapt!

I must admit that I am one of those programmers who make really ugly applications. I have blamed the fact that I was born without designing talents, which is true, but it is time to change that and acquire some skills.

So I bought this:
Supposedly "the" design book for developers.
Was supposed to have attended the community party today, but fell asleep at seven and just woke up now at three o clock. Will try to sleep some more now.

Good night.

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