June 7, 2013

Teched day 4

So... the last day at the conference and the first one where the queues for the really cheap Surfaces where accessible enough for me to go shopping.

I went through the news of Sql Server 2014, some Sqllite on Windows Phone and some DirectX-stuff in C++, but the best one today was about dependency injection and containers called "Understanding Dependency Injection and Those Pesky Containers" going through the basics of Castle Windsor, NInject, Unity etc and focusing on Mef by Miguel Castro

It was a nice overview of something I use but doesn't come natural for me. I think I will be going for Mef in the future after seeing this presentation.

Tonight we will party here:
(credits to Andrew Bishop)
Rumor has it that there will be some famous artist there... we will see.

[comment added] It was Tina Turner.

So... what have I learned during these four days?

  • Lightswitch can actually be useful.
  • OData is a tool in my toolbox that needs to get sharpened.
  • Stop being lazy and always use a dependency container. (read Mef)
  • Use Geoflow as much as possible.
  • Stop hiding behind the fact that I am lousy on UX and start doing something about it.
  • Americans are strange but almost always nice.

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